The Village serves as a gateway to additional gameplay features and a number of merchants you can acquire materials and other goods from.

Airship MerchantEdit

Main article: Airship Merchant

The Airship Merchant allows you to use gold or gems to purchase hero fragments, fusing material and crafting materials on the spot without having to fight for them. 

Divine HouseEdit

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The Divine House allows you to gain high level heroes and items either by trading fragments or crystals. 


Main article: Guild House

In Bloodline, players can band together in guilds and wage war against rival guilds. The Guildhall is where all guild management takes place. 

Potion LabEdit

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This is where you can craft potions that aid you in battle. 

Townhall Edit

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The Townhall will link you to three different options: The Bloodline Facebook page, where you can keep track of the game’s latest updates and events, the Support page, where you can contact Customer Support regarding technical issues, and the Forum, where you can interact with other Bloodline players and offer your feedback.


Main article: Warehouse

The Warehouse contains a list of every crafting item and potion you own, and is a good place to take stock of what you have in order to figure out what you need to get. 

Mystic Mine

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The Mystic Mine allows you to send an expedition of heroes and a Mining Golem inside to plunder its insides and other travelers of valuable resources.

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