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Bloodlinesea Wikia

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This is a unique endurance-based game mode in which the player assembles an expedition consisting of 15 heroes and sends them into the depths of the Vampire Sanctuary to do battle with an assortment of foes and plunder the area of valuable treasure.

Squad Assembly[]

Battle Preparation.png

Select up to 15 heroes to send into the Vampire Sanctuary. Keep in mind that health does not regenerate between battles and heroes that die in battle stay dead until your entire expedition is wiped out, you reset the Sanctuary, or you defeat all 15 enemies.

Once your expedition is assembled, you must choose between an offensive or defensive potion set. The potions within these sets cannot be changed; you must merely choose between one of the two sets.

Setting Forth[]

With your expedition ready and your potions selected, you can set forth on your journey into the Vampire Sanctuary. Within it are 15 other enemy squads, all of which have been drawn from other players on your server. 

When you see an enemy in the sanctuary, tap on it to check out its squad setup, then tap on Battle to initiate combat. Should you win the subsequent battle, the enemy will drop a treasure chest filled with valuable loot that you can plunder.

If your squad’s PWR level is high enough, there is a chance that an enemy will choose to retreat rather than engage you. If so, it will also abandon its treasure chest, allowing you to loot it freely.

As per normal, you still need to defeat an enemy squad within 20 rounds; otherwise the battle will count as your loss.

If you find your expedition becoming increasingly futile, you can reset the Vampire Sanctuary by pressing the Reset button at the bottom right. There is a limited number of times you can do this before you have to wait for the Reset Limit to be…reset.

Sometimes, during the journey, there is a chance to spot Zan and obtain her special frags which is only uniquely available in the vampire sanctuary. There is a chance of spotting her 3 times, which is her evolution:

  • The first time is Zan's 3* form, Werewolf Zan.

  • The second time is Zan's 4* form, Maidservant Zan.

  • The last time is Zan's 5* form, Mysterious Zan.


  • Heroes selected for the expedition cannot use Fuse, Evolution or Potential Awakening as long as they are in the sanctuary. These features will become available to them once your expedition ends.
  • The Ally Assist function is disabled in the Vampire Sanctuary.
  • Although heroes do not heal or revive after battle, their Fury points carry over, unlike other gameplay modes. This can be used to your advantage, as you can save up Ultimate Skills powered up from a previous battle and use them in a subsequent one.