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[[Category:Hit All]]

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Star 5 / 5
No. 403


Job Assassin
Cost 13

20000 Gold, 20 Crystal

Limit Break 4
PWR 282
HP 2992
ATK 1557
DEF 1270
Job Advancements                    Ghost Blade, Shadow Dancer, Soul Addict
Fate Link Heroes Kane, Soul Rae , Sorcerer Ron

A monster hunter, Tyris nearly died after an encounter with the Holy Land, but her partner Kane saved her by amputating her leg. They are now allied with the heretics.

Ulti Skill

Danger Close

Tyris attacks all enemies with massive Water damage.


Focus Fire

Female heroes' ULT skills do 15% more damage, while male heroes' normal ATK deal 15% more damage.

Leader Skill

Octane Twisted

Damage dealt by Water and Dark enemies decreases by 20%; Squad members' first CRI hit awards 40 Fury.

Fate Link Skill


Tyris's CRI rate increases by 6% for every Water or Dark squad member.