• As much as I love the idea of having the wiki, it's not as user friendly as it could be.

    For example: I came on today to find out if there were any Light-attribute Female Assassins that were 3+ Stars. 

    While yes, there is an Element Page and a Job Class page, why not merge them today? Under each element, make a Warrior Section. And you could even expand further by making a Star section, since not every Hero has the same Evolution capabilities (such as Wanderer only able to go to 2* and Fay going up to 4*).

    And to expand upon this, on the Hero pages, there's no info on where to get them, such as enemies that can drop regularly (2* Golem, Shadow Fio, etc.) for people who want to fill up their collection info. It would also be nice to have a way to find out specific Heroes by Number, which could also really make things easier by adding a "By Number" page, since the Heroes have a Number in the Collection. 

    Just a couple of suggestions that could make things easier for people who are trying to complete their logs or design a good party (at any point in the game).

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