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The Tarot Card and Achievement systems allow you to make universal enhancements to your heroes and in-game rewards. By collecting Achievement Points from accomplishing various in-game Achievements, you can then spend these points to upgrade various Tarot Cards that will in turn grant significant gameplay bonuses.

About Tarot CardsEdit

You have 8 Tarot Cards that enhance different gameplay elements. Each Tarot Card has 5 attributes that can be leveled up using gold and Achievement Points.

World CardEdit

Upgrades to this card affect your whole squad.

Magician CardEdit

Upgrades to this card affect bonuses from various game modes.

Mercury CardEdit

Upgrades to this card affect all Water heroes.

Mars CardEdit

Upgrades to this card affect all Fire heroes.

Jupiter CardEdit

Upgrades to this card affect all Earth heroes.

Venus CardEdit

Upgrades to this card affect all Thunder heroes.

Sun CardEdit

Upgrades to this card affect all Light heroes.

Moon CardEdit

Upgrades to this card affect all Dark heroes.

Collecting Achievement PointsEdit

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Achievement Points are acquired by accomplishing various in-game Achievements that are separate from the ones you'll find in the Growth and Daily Task menu.

These Achievements are grouped into six categories and are worth a reward (displayed on the left of the banner) and a Achievement Points (displayed on the right). As you accomplish these Achievements, press the Receive button next to each Achievement to collect the reward and Achievement Points.

The total amount of Achievement Points is displayed on the top left of the screen. The number of Achievements you have accomplished is displayed at the top right.

Upgrading Tarot CardsEdit

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Once you have enough Achievement Points, you can start upgrading your Tarot Cards. Tap the desired Tarot Card to see all possible attributes you can upgrade. Tap the attribute you wish to upgrade. The effects of the attribute are displayed beneath the card, along with the Achievement Points and Gold required to upgrade it. Tap "Upgrade" at the bottom right of the screen to upgrade the attribute.

You can upgrade each attribute up to 10 times. However, as you reach certain upgrade levels, you will need to fulfill other requirements to upgrade further. For example, in order to upgrade the HP attribute of the Moon Card from level 2 to 3, you will need to invest in at least 15 upgrades in the World Card. The requirements you need to fulfull to upgrade an attribute are displayed in red font beneath the card. 

If you wish to reset all your Tarot Card upgrades and reclaim all your Achievement Points, hit the Reset button at the top of the screen. This will require Gems. However, even with a reset, you do not need to spend gold on upgrades you have already purchased in the past; only Achievement Points.

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