Sirius Lacroix[edit | edit source]

Star 5 / 5
No. 401


Job Warrior
Cost 13

20000 Gold, 20 Crystal

Limit Break 4
PWR 295
HP 5061
ATK 931
DEF 1301
REC 1501
Job Advancements War God, Life Drinker               
Fate Link Heroes Lilo.I, Rex, Last

Sirius is a Blood Servant for Last, providing him with his own blood in an emergency and acting as a bodyguard. Lacking magic of his own, he relies on Last's Demon Armor.

Ulti Skill

Praise Kek!

Taunts enemies into attacking him instead of his squadmates. DMG received will be reduced by 60%.


Demon Armor

Gains 15 Fury each time he receives DMG or is healed. Max HP increases by 15% when in a squad with Lilo.I or Last. (Stacks)

Leader Skill


Dark and Fire heroes gain 15% ATK and 20% damage reduction.

Fate Link Skill

Blood Servant

Sirius gains 35% HP recovery when he activates his ULT for the first time in battle.

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