Star 5 / 5


Job Sorcerer
Cost 13

20000 Gold, 20 Crystal

Limit Break 4
PWR 303
HP 4054
ATK 1364
DEF 1114
REC 1134
Job Advancements Wizard, Mage                                       
Fate Link Heroes Choir Angel, Phantom Shou, Grey Star

A bipolar half-vampire with great intelligence and Dark energy, he has become a formidable sorcerer under the tutelage of Grey Star.

Ulti Skill

Spider Bomb

Shin performs Last's Spider Bomb skill, dealing moderate Water damage to all enemies.


Split Mind

20% damage increase when HP is over 50%; when HP is below 50%, 20% of damage is transformed to healing.

Leader Skill

Magic Shield

Normal damage received by the whole squad is decreased by 15%. Critical damage received by the whole squad is decreased by 50%.

Fate Skill

Surging Energy

Dark power flows through Shin and absorbs 3 Fury points from each enemy. Shin gets 15 Fury Points.

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