Star 5/5
No. 388


Job Archer
Cost 13

20000 Gold, 20 Crystal

Limit Break 4
PWR 305
HP 4283
ATK 1373
DEF 903
REC 1233
Job Advancements                    Arrow Master, Scout                        
Fate Link Heroes Linda, Riya, War Maiden
Introduction A Holy Land tactical nun, Riyo-06 is in charge of post-battle cleanups. This usually involves using her Snake Eye to selectively wipe the memories of inconvenient witnesses or make enemy prisoners lose their ability to fight. Off the battlefield, she's extremely paranoid about her weight and has a timid demeanor.

Ulti Skill

Snake Eye

If HP is over 35% at round start, deals massive Fire damage to a single enemy. If below, deals 35% less damage but recovers 35% HP.



Riyo gains 10 Fury while she and War Maiden both get 10% bonus max HP.

Leader Skill

Tactical Support

Gains 10% Max HP and ATK for herself and rear squadmates.

Fate Link Skill

Amnesiac Strike

Devours two random enemies' memories by draining their ATK by 5% and nullifying their Fate Skills.

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