Vengeance Paladin Edit

Star 5/5
No. 337


Job Archer
Cost 13

20000 Gold, 20 Crystal

Limit Break 4
PWR 309
HP 3253
ATK 1613
DEF 1283
REC 1443
Job Advancements                    Arrow Master, Scout, Wailer                                           
Fate Link Heroes Riya , Sean , Huntress

One of the 13 Paladins of the Holy Land, Vengeance keeps records of her every kill, going as far back to her days as a young trainee.

Ulti Skill

Woe Harvest

Vengeance hands out her verdict, dealing massive Water damage to a single enemy.


Sin Burner

Damage increases by 100% in the first round. If she is leader and has over 75% HP, she gets 50% effect from Grace Under Pressure.

Leader Skill

Grace Under Pressure

All squadmates with less than 75% HP will gain 30% damage and 50% damage reduction at the beginning of the round.

Fate Link Skill

Sin Records

Reduce 25% DEF on 1 non-water enemy at start of round, and target's chance of being hit increases by 100%. Effect lasts 5 rounds.

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