Bloodlinesea Wikia
Bloodlinesea Wikia
Star 5 / 5


Job Priest
Cost 14

20000 Gold, 20 Crystal

Limit Break 4
Max HP 41352
Max ATK 14545
Max DEF 10741
Max REC 17305
Job Advancements   NA                                          
Fate Link Heroes Last, Ruthtria, Lilo.I

Walker of many planes, this mysterious young lady is rumoured to have the ability to utilise twin scythes that are larger than her own body. Some people also said that she's the represntative of the death god; as long as she's around in a certain area, there will be killings.

Ulti Skill

Black scythes of world demolition Oseiris deals medium dark damage to all enemies.


Heavy twin Tear

Inflicts the heavy damage effect on non-priest enemies for 2 rounds(healing effect decrease by 50% and damage received increase by 10%)

Leader Skill

Endless Journey

Allies in the "Traveler" faction deals 40% more damage and recover 7% of HP per round.

Fate Skill

Present world god

If Oseiris does not have full fury at the start of the battle, she inflicts 50% more damage for 2 rounds. Otherwise, she recovers 100 fury, but she deals 50% less damage for 1 round.