Midnight EdenEdit

Midnight Eden
Star 5 / 5
No. 387


Job Sorcerer
Cost 13

20000 Gold, 20 Crystal

Limit Break 4
PWR 275
HP 3384
ATK 1434
DEF 924
REC 1304
Job Advancements Wizard, Mage                                       
Fate Link Heroes Elder Mitz, Lambert, Moni

A sorceress who sealed a powerful demon within herself, harnessing its magical powers. She roams the northern borders at night, pining for the end of the Daylight Fantasy.

Ulti Skill

Curse Song

Eden's demonic spirit enhances her ULT skill to deal minor damage to all enemies with a small chance to Curse.


Will of Darkmantle

Eden carries the Demonic Will, gaining 6 Fury and 6% HP every round. However, she spends the first round Cursed.

Leader Skill

Codex of Sacrifice

Gains 33 Fury Points for herself every round.

Fate Skill


Eden is determined to lead her own destiny. She gains 6 Fury every round after entering battle.

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