Bloodlinesea Wikia
Bloodlinesea Wikia

In each job change event, there will be a boss in each​ stage. Here are a list of each events boss.

Steel Blood Battle[]

Event Name Boss

Steel Blood Battle I

Undying Sean
Steel Blood Battle II

Heroic Dawn

Steel Blood Battle III
Steel Blood Battle IV War Maiden
Steel Blood Battle V Cora
Steel Blood Battle VI Elder Mitz
Steel Blood Battle VII Dark Lilo.I


To be added

Shadow Attack[]

Event Name Boss
Shadow Attack I X3 Elite Killer
Shadow Attack II Swordsman Ken
Shadow Attack III Flame Goddess
Shadow Attack IV Thunder Lia
Shadow Attack V Elder Dori
Shadow Attack VI Blood Paladin
Shadow Attack VII Master Huntress


Hunter Trial[]

Event Name Boss
Hunter Trial I
Hunter Trial II Killer Nana
Hunter Trial III Soul Rae
Hunter Trial IV God Bow Gen
Hunter Trial V Ultimate Ling
Hunter Trial VI Elder Eunice
Hunter Trial VII Elder Eunice, Ultimate Ling, God Bow Gen


Mystic Showdown[]

Event Name Boss
Mystic Showdown I X2 Forest Dragon
Mystic Showdown II Magician Gina
Mystic Showdown III Sorcerer Ron
Mystic Showdown IV Shin
Mystic Showdown V Destroyer RoyDarksteel Golem
Mystic Showdown VI Ruthtria
Mystic Showdown VII Warlock Otaki, Forest Dragon, King AslanDragon TyrantLich Rogge


Heritage Of Faith[]

Event Name Boss
Heritage Of Faith I Blood Demon Rin
Heritage Of Faith II
Heritage Of Faith III Choir Angel
Heritage Of Faith IV Queen Ara
Heritage Of Faith V Fiery Yan
Heritage Of Faith VI Awakened Linda
Heritage Of Faith VII




  • Each of the master's of each job change appears on the sixth event.
  • In each job change seventh event, background is changed to fate tower challenge background.