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Bloodlinesea Wikia


In Bloodline, players can band together in guilds and take advantage of additional features. The Guildhall is where all guild management takes place. After joining or creating a guild, several new options will open up.


Here you can change your Guild’s name (which requires 500 gems), review players who have applied to join your Guild, and specify Guild settings such as the required squad level to join and whether recruitment is open or closed. 


Does exactly what it says. This will disband your Guild; think very carefully before tapping it.

Guild War

See main article: Guild Wars

Flying Chess

Flying Chess.png

This is a mini-game in which you can gain all kinds of rewards by rolling a dice. The number you roll determines how many spaces you travel, and you will get any rewards that occupy a space should your plane successfully touch it. 

Alternatively, you can spend gems to have the dice automatically roll a number of your choosing. This is handy if you see a reward you absolutely want and don't want to leave anything to chance.

The number of steps every guild member moves in Flying Chess contributes to raising the Guild's level through rewards for all members and an increased membership limit. By tapping the "Reward Info" button, you can see how many steps are needed to gain certain rewards. 

Being top 5 and above rewards gems, however if one is not in the range of top 5, they can be rewarded with golds for the total number of steps the guild have completed 

Tower of Time

Tower of Time.png

This place essentially allows guild members to deposit a hero in one of the three rooms to earn 30% bonus EXP after a set amount of time. These rooms are shared between guild members, and only one hero per guild member can be placed in each room at a  time.

The first room, the Lobby, will be available from the start, but the other two rooms, the Royalty Hall and Lord’s Hall, require VIP 6 and VIP 8 respectively to open. In addition to requiring VIP 8, the Lord’s Hall also requires gems to unlock, but it grants a significantly higher EXP boost. Once it is open, the first hero that is deposited in the room will be known as the Founder.

Once five more guild members deposit their heroes in the Lord’s Hall, the cooldown timer to use it again will reset and all guild members will receive rewards. This can be done up to five times a day.