Bloodline allows you to add other players to your roster of Friends to aid you in your battles. There are a number of ways you can do this.

Search FriendEdit

Search Friend Tapping on the Search Friend button will bring you to this screen. The ID number you see is your My ID number. Ask your friends what their My ID number is on their screen and enter it on your end to search for them in the Bloodline universe.

FB InviteEdit

FB Invite As Bloodline is linked to your Facebook, this button will bring you to a screen that allows you to invite people on your Facebook Friends List to join you in the game.


You can assign a limited number of people on your Friends List to be your Buddy. Buddies grant more Friendship Points than regular Friends. The higher your Squad Level, the more Buddies you can assign.

Invite Code

Friend Invite
You can get your friends to enter your Invite Code to receive rewards. To find your Invite Code, go to Menu, then Redemption Code. Your Invite Code is stated next to "My Invite Code".

Have your friends enter this code in the same menu on their end in the text space at the bottom. 

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