Bloodlinesea Wikia
Bloodlinesea Wikia

This chart shows the heroes who are eligible for the Fate Link and the heroes required to unlock it. Certain heroes listed here are currently unreleased and will be added to the game in future updates.

Fate Link Heroes

Card No. Hero  Fate Link 1 Fate Link 2 Fate Link 3 Fate Skill
4 Sorcerer Ron Soul Rae Twin Blade Ash Dark Lilo.I Ron reduces enemy ULT Skill damage by 10% and increases his squad's ULT Skill damage by 10%.
7 Soul Rae Sorcerer Ron Twin Blade Ash Hell Messenger Rae guards her squad, causing Water and Fire enemies to deal 10% less damage.
10 Dark Lilo.I Sorcerer Ron Shin Last Lilo.I deals 10% more damage and receives 10% less damage.
82 Vengeance Mika  Shou Sorcerer Ron Blood Paladin Mika's destructive tendencies cause Water, Fire, Earth, Thunder and Dark heroes' CRI to increase by 25%.
85 Hell Messenger Vengeance Mika Demonic Seth Empress Ivy An atmosphere of death causes the enemy to lose courage, reducing REC by 20%
91 Demonic Seth Hell Messenger Slayer Riya Vengeance Mika When placed at the back of the squad, Seth receives 5% less damage and his charge will gain a bonus increase by 100%. 
94 Commander Fina Choir Angel Acrobat Jack Dance Yumi After a rigorous amount of training, Fina now specializes in the use of the shield, increasing her DEF significantly.
99 Destroyer Roy Last Ruthtria Recast Witch The Golem uses Force shield on Destroyer Roy, reducing all damage dealt to Roy by 25%.
111 Empress Ivy Thunder Lia Flame Goddess Shadow Spring Ivy randomly kisses 3 enemies. If the target is male, it cannot cause CRI hits for 3 rounds.
119 Flame Goddess Shadow Spring Pyromancer Anna Fiery Yan The Goddess's Flame increases ULT Skill damage by 100%. The effect weakens after each round.
142 Queen Ara Demonic Uygur God Bow Gen Pyromancer Anna Rainspell that heals 4 squad members and dispels Poison.
147 Awakened Linda Queen Ara Twin Blade Ash Moni MK - III A powerful force increases damage by 35%. If Linda's HP is below 35% at the start of battle, the effect is doubled.
150 Ultimate Ling Moni MK - III Killer Nana Thunder Lia When all squad members are at full HP, they deal 10% more damage.
158 Thunder Lia Hell Messenger Ultimate Ling Heroic Dawn Disarm effect increases by 35% and damage to Sorcerers and Priests increases by 35%.
161 Pyromancer Anna Demonic Uygur Heroic Dawn Elite Phoenix Fire heroes deal 5% more damage. When battle starts, if HP is lower than 30%, gain a high chance to recover HP and Fury.
164 Shadow Spring Moni MK - III Recast Witch God Bow Gen Spring uses Impale Flash and can gain the effect of 8 Techniques in the next attack.
167 Fiery Yan Pyromancer Anna Flame Goddess Demonic Uygur Yan uses her Red Crane skill, healing the whole squad's HP by 15%.
170 God Bow Gen Prophecy Leah Flame Goddess Soul Rae When placed at the rear of the squad, Gen's damage and CRI rate increase by 15%.
173 Slayer Riya Awakened Linda Twin Blade Ash Shadow•Shou Every time Riya is hit, she gains 10 Fury points and ULT Skill damage increases by 10%. Lasts 3 rounds.
182 Twin Blade Ash Soul Rae Reborn Pep Grey Star Chance to poison enemies increases by 15%. CRI rate increases by 35% when facing Fire enemies (This linkage does not increase COST).
191 Heroic Dawn Awakened Linda Empress Ivy Heaven Maiden Gains 8% max HP. Casting Sword Storm will increase CRI rate by 50% and reduce received damage by 50%.
194 Demonic Uygur Pyromancer Anna Queen Ara Prophecy Leah Uygur's transfusion effect is increased by 20%. Unseal increases damage by 20%.
197 Acrobat Jack Leah Dance Yumi Commander Fina Jack specializes in his shuffling technique, his own bonus damage increase becomes permanent; Bonus damage increases by 30%.
203 Choir Angel Awakened Linda Heaven Maiden Dance Yumi Triumph Song will restore a small amount of HP to the whole squad.
218 Mysterious Zan Grey Star Dark Lilo.I Demonic Seth Zan's War banner boosts morale, increasing squad damage by 5%. Zan herself gains 10% damage.
219 Recast Witch Destroyer Roy King Aslan Awakened Linda The Golem has 25% damage reduction. This effect will weaken when Golem's HP decreases.
300 War Maiden Awakened Linda Elder Mitz Slayer Riya If War Maiden's HP is below 35% at the start of a round, her damage increases by 35%.
301 Last Dark Lilo.I Destroyer Roy Ruthtria If Last is injured at the start of the round, he has a 10% chance to gain max Fury at the end of the round.
302 Ruthtria Commander Fina Destroyer Roy Recast Witch Ruthtria's damage and fury increase by 10%; for every additional sorcerer in the squad, this effect increases by 5%.
303 Blood Paladin Vengeance Mika Undying Sean Leah Blood Paladin summons a deathly mist; all enemies receive 8% more damage. Its own allies in the front row suffer 50% of the effect.
304 Elder Mitz Demonic Seth Mysterious Zan Slayer Lambert When placed at the squad's rear, damage increases by 25%. When at the front, 25% of damage is converted to healing.
305 Elder Dori Hell Messenger Thunder Lia Elder Mitz Dori uses 10% of the damage done for healing while CRI rate increases by 20%.
307 Grey Star Cora Mysterious Zan Purity Box Reduces enemy ULT Skill damage by 20% (effect will continue even if Grey Star is dead).
308 Cora Mysterious Zan Empress Ivy Sorcerer Ron Dwarf Chief effect increases by 30% (This linkage does not increase Cost).
309 Shin Choir Angel Shadow•Shou Grey Star Dark power flows through Shin and absorbs 3 Fury points from each enemy (Shin gets 15 Fury Points).
327 Heaven Maiden Shadow Spring Prophecy Leah Ultimate Ling After Maiden casts Milky Way, there's a 50% chance to regain all Fury.
330 King Aslan Forest Dragon Dragon Tyrant Dragon Elder When Aslan is injured, he gains 25 Fury points and damage increases by 25%.
333 Dance Yumi Heroic Dawn Queen Ara Choir Angel Yumi supports the whole squad, increasing max HP limit and REC by 5%.
334 Slayer Lambert Acrobat Jack Moni MK - III King Aslan Lambert's wolf power increases all damage by 10% and gains him 4 Fury points every round.
349 Ultimate Leah Prophecy Leah King Aslan Flame Goddess Leah's disguise causes females to let their guard down and receive 35% more damage.
355 Moni MK - III Ultimate Ling Recast Witch Acrobat Jack Moni favors weapons of mass destruction, increasing ULT Skill damage by 50%.