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If you find yourself in need of certain materials or resources, you can participate in Events. These are a series of challenges that are available on specific days and can be played a limited number of times per day. The number of times you can enter an Event is listed at the top right after you tap on that Event. Once it reaches zero, you’ll have to wait till the Event becomes available again. The days and times Events are available is listed on the Event screen.

Child of Forest[]

BL Sundy 2.png

This Event will reward you with mushrooms, which are used as fusing material for your heroes. As you progress through the Event, higher level mushrooms will be rewarded. Remember that fusing a mushroom to a hero of a matching element grants 50% extra EXP. 

Buried Legend[]


This Event grants you a good amount of Gold upon victory as well as Mouse heroes. These can be sold for additional Gold.

Vital Fantasy[]


This Event grants you evolution materials, which will allow your hero to increase their Star Rating.

Tomato Family[]

BL Sundy3.png

This Event grants you Tomato heroes upon completion. Tomato heroes, when fused to a hero, have a chance to increase the power of that hero’s Ultimate Skill. Ultimate Skills can be improved up to level 10; you can check your hero’s Ultimate Skill level by tapping on the Skills tab on its info page.

Lost Wonderland[]

This Event rewards you with rare crafting materials upon completion. These materials can be used to create potions and upgrade weapons.

Daily Event Dungeon List[]

The event dungeons will change everyday. The list as follows:


Buried Legend, Tomato Family


Child of Forest, Lost Wonderland


Buried Legend, Vital Fantasy


Child of Forest, Tomato Family


Buried Legend, Lost Wonderland


Child of Forest, Vital Fantasy


Child of Forest, Buried Legend, Vital Fantasy, Lost Wonderland, Tomato Family