Star 5 / 5
No. 335


Job Priest
Cost 13

20000 Gold, 20 Crystal

Limit Break 4
PWR 319
HP 3595
ATK 1655
DEF 1005
REC 1995
Job Advancements Divine Messenger, Archon, Arcane Enforcer  
Fate Link Heroes Ruthtria, Destroyer Roy, War Maiden

With the Star Shield and Hammer, Daisy mantains the stability of the Arcane Continuum. Whenever there is a violation on casting of magic, she appears to break the spell. 

Fan translation: With a seven star star adorned with confusing accessories in her left hand and a mysterious spirit-like mace in her right hands, Daisy protects the crystals that maintains order in the arcane continuum. She is also noted to have a blood-red and star-shaped emblem on her body. When someones cast magic that violates this order, she appears to break it.

ULT Skill

Angel of Darkness OR Fan tranlsation: Inteference

Daisy summons a deity to

Fan translation: Daisy summons the death goddess to 召唤死亡女神对敌方单体造成大量暗属性伤害,并为血量最低的2名队友恢复25%生命 天赋技·死亡女神 普通攻击召唤死亡女神对所有敌人造成少量伤害,有小概率降低敌人35%回复,持续1回合 队长技·死亡旅行 所有敌人伤害、回复降低20%,所有队员攻击时无视敌方20%防御 命运技·魔网秩序 黛丝干扰敌人能量的汇聚,使水、火、树、雷、光属性敌人获得的怒气减少15%

Talent Skill

Death Avatar

Normal attacks deal minor damage to the enemy squad, with a small chance of decreasing 35% recovery to a random enemy; last 1 round.

Leader Skill

Death Route

Enemy squad's ATK, DEF and REC decrease by 20%.

Fate Link Skill

Order of the Infernal

Reduces non-Dark enemies' Fury gain by 15%.

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