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Bloodlinesea Wikia

Spirit Bard Chika

Chika 10242.png
Star 5 / 5


Job Sorcerer
Cost 14

20000 Gold, 20 Crystal

Limit Break 4
PWR 299
HP 3684
ATK 1644
DEF 1444
REC 1104
Job Advancements                    Wizard, Mage, Sage                                                                 
Fate Link Heroes Seth, Ruthtria, Destroyer Roy

At the White Tower Battle, Chika was saved by her mentors, who channeled their powers into a Bone Demon. She's now a Necromancer at the Immortal 4th with Ruthtria's help.

Ulti Skill

Song Limit

Deals massive Dark damage to a single target; heals 25% HP if her health is over 40% at the start of the round.


Bones Spirit

When in a squad with Ruthtria, both gain 10% max HP. If HP is below 40%, the Bone Demon will manifest, boosting ATK and DEF by 40%.

Leader Skill


Adopts the Bone Demon form. 25% of damage dealt will recover HP.

Fate Link Skill

Immortal 4th

ULT Skill damage increases by 20%. DMG from non-sorcerer enemies is reduced by 5%.