Bloodlinesea Wikia
Bloodlinesea Wikia

Blood Paladin[]

Star 5 / 5


Job Assassin
Cost 13

20000 Gold, 20 Crystal

Limit Break 4
PWR 250
HP 3052
ATK 1702
DEF 1242
REC 1502
Job Advancements Shadow Dancer, Ghost Blade        
Fate Link Heroes Vengeance Mika , Undying Sean , Ultimate Leia

Ranked as the best among 13 other paladins, the Blood Paladin is rumored to have imbibed in divine blood, and few who meet him make it out alive.

Ulti Skill

Grim Avarice

Summons Hell Messenger from another dimension for a combined hit, dealing moderate Dark damage to all enemies.


Reaper Hold

Damage dealt increases by 5%, while DEF lowers by 5% every round. Effect can be stacked up to 3 times.

Leader Skill

Shadow Touch

All assassins in the squad deal 40% more damage. CRI rate increases by 20%.

Fate Link Skill

Death Mist

All enemies receive 8% more damage. Allies in the front row, however, will suffer 50% of the impact.