The Arena is where players participate in ranked Player-versus-Player battles in hopes of climbing the ladder and becoming the Arena champion.

Rules of the Arena

Battles in the Arena are in auto battle mode; no potions can be consumed as the AI will do all the fighting. Upon commencement of battle, the attacking squad will have the first turn, while the defending squad will have bonuses to Fury and HP. The attacking squad must defeat the defending squad within 10 turns; otherwise it will lose by default.

Choosing Your OpponentEdit

KERTSANG Battle 1-1
Tap the “Battle” button at the Arena’s main screen. You will now see five players whose squads and arena rankings are matched closest to you. Swipe left or right to browse your opponents and tap on their squad leader to see their squad setup. Tap on “Challenge” to commence battle.

Each battle in the arena consumes an Arena Orb, and you have a maximum of three. These orbs are restored once every two hours, but you can recover all of them immediately by spending gems.

Fame and Rank TitleEdit

Independent of your actual ranking in the Bloodline Arena is your Rank Title. Fighting in the Arena, regardless of whether you win or lose, will earn you Fame. When you accumulate enough Fame, your Rank Title will increase. Earning new Rank Titles gains you new rewards, and the higher your Rank Title, the more lucrative items you can access in the Honor Trade menu. 

Honor Trade and Honor PointsEdit

The Arena has its own store called Honor Trade. Here you can purchase Gold, rare crafting materials and rare hero fragments using Honor Points. Honor Points are accumulated automatically over time, even when you’re not in the Arena. The number of Honor Points you gain is determined by your Arena ranking. Additionally, the higher your Rank Title, more valuable items become available in the Honor Trade screen.

DEF SquadEdit

Assemble your Defending Squad here. When other players want to challenge you in the Arena, this is the squad they will have to fight.


A full record of all your battles in the Arena is stored here, along with replays of them and data on the number of battles you’ve successfully won and lost, both as an attacker and defender.

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